January 8, 2017

If and ever if.....

Once, he said that I was the most talented, smart and beautiful girl he ever known.
But now, "you're such an ugly and arrogant bitch!"


I'm getting tired of receiving this word. It hurts like hell. You're a respectful lady, self. Just that, you are lack of guidance. But, people (who believes that he/she is the greatest & noble human in this world) keeps on punishing you. Yes, I've made a lot of mistakes. Yes, I deserve punishments. But not this way.

If you want me to change, guide me.
If you want me to be better, show me good examples.

Don't worry, self. This pain will worth. This pain will be your pure motivator. Yes, this pain. You can't think that you are good enough in this world. Always be humble and be kind. Always remember that, self. Stay strong and keep on having the patience in you, because you deserve to be called "independent & strong girl". Someday. Just wait for it. And for the people who's punishing you in a bad way, just pray the best for them. They are just immature and lack of life's exposure. Let's just hope that they will also learnt a life lesson. Someday, they will have to thank you for that...

Hey girl, don't cry. Long journey to go. Chin up and smile. You will get the happiness that you ever wanted. That's a promise.

Love, N

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