January 3, 2017

Letter To Love

Let me begin with the usual way.

Letter to love 

Dear love,

from the beginning I met you, I believe that we are together because of something. I can feel the deep connection between us. And yes, knowing you, wasn't a regret for me. You made me believe of myself. You made me believe that I am strong to face all the struggles I had in my life. You encouraged me doing good things. You treat me like I'm a good girl while everyone sees me as bitch. I am sorry for not starting up this relationship with a good start. I am sorry I can't be perfect like the others. I am so sorry for everything...but you accept my flaws perfectly.

When the world is putting me down, you are here to grab me and pull me up. You shine my world that was full of sorrow. You shed me from the heavy rain of disasters. You block the strong wind of negativity from me. You are my lights during my darkest hours. Hey, you are definitely a knight in shining armor.

Dear love, I am so grateful to met you. We had rough start, but I do believe someday we will have a happy ending. You're the guy I want to get married. The guy that will take care of my (or should I say our) kids in the future. The guy who will give me extra care when I'm sick. And most important, the guy that will  guide me to Jannah. Yes, we both are imperfect. We both are lost sometimes. But, Allah is fair. He will give us the hidayah that we are longing for. I do believe that, love.

Love,  if you are reading this, know that I will always love you and I will stay together with you, in pieces, during ups and downs. Promise me you will stay. Promise me you won't let go. Promise me that you will bring this relationship to a halal one. I love you, my future eternal happiness. I love you so much.

Love, N

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